Welcome to Howdens Kitchens We Are Not. Yes you guessed it, we are not Howdens Kitchens and nor do we pretend to be Howdens Kitchens. Howdens Kitchens prices are expensive compared to ours. Howdens Kitchens Reviews are dreadfull according to the Kitchensreviewindex but we think that is very unfair towards Howdens Joinery Kitchens as we think that Howdens Kitchens are actually Quite Good.It's just that we would rather that you bought one of our kitchens. Also Howdens Kitchens want payment before delivery but we do not. So if you want to buy Howdens Kitchen Units then that’s cool. But if you want to buy our Kitchen Units then that’s even cooler. We promise to beat Howdens Kitchen prices by 50%. So after you have seen your Howdens Kitchens price list and looked at Howdens Kitchens brochure then let us beat it and pay us when we deliver. Whether it’s Howdens Kitchens Glasgow, or Howdens Kitchens Alton Towers. We will slash their price. So When you have looked through Howdens Kitchens Brochure and choosen the Howdens Kitchen Cabinets that you like, then let us see if we have a similar Kitchen Units at half of Howdens Kitchens Prices.

Are you in need of a new cheap kitchen in Uk?

"Howdens Kitchens We Are Not can make that dream a reality. We sell cheap kitchens in Uk all year round. Buying a cheap kitchen in Uk has never been easier. Come to Howdens Kitchens We Are Not and buy directly from the manufacturer. We guarantee that no other kitchen company in Uk will beat us on our cheap kitchen prices."

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